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Mexico City 2012Mexico City 2012

You ever wonder what makes all the iconic photos of yesteryear so interesting? I have often pondered this question. Oftentimes we as photography aficionados we concentrate most of our time and attention to the technical side of photography. Trying to set the camera with the correct exposure, looking for the right lens etc. etc...  Theses actions can interruptions from the our surroundings which brings me back to the subject of this post. Storytelling! 

Interesting images must always tell a story. The viewer must feel an emotion. In street photography life is happening all over us and stories are constantly taking place. We need to be observant and spot a story.

We can get lucky sometimes and capture a couple breaking up as could be the story on the image on this image. 









Chicago 2011Chicago 2011






The back side of a public transportation commuter makes you wonder what kind of work does he do? Is he holding any secrets?















A hot summer afternoon that deserves a splash of fresh water.

Ashville 2014Ashville 2014

A casual conversation.



20150329-DSCF447020150329-DSCF4470 20150329-DSCF444320150329-DSCF4443 Chicago 2011Chicago 2011Thanks for viewing my photo. More of my work at <a href=""; rel="nofollow"></a> and at <a href=""; rel="nofollow">photo blog</a>






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