Last Stop - Xochimilco

April 20, 2012  •  1 Comment

All good things must always come to an end! We have come full circle on our photographic journey of Mexico. We arrived in Mexico City and I just had to visit Xochimilco. The colorful boats where still a vivid memory of my childhood trip to Mexico City. 

I didn't want to leave Mexico without visiting Xochimilco. Xochimilco is one of the sixteen "delegaciones" or suburbs of Mexico City. The canal system is a popular destination for many tourists. It's a relaxing way to spend a peaceful Sunday afternoon with family and friends. 

Our first order of business was to pick our barge or "Chnampa". We negotiated a very modest two hour ride. You can just sit back and relax or higher a Mariachi for entertainment. Food vendors are everywhere so you can enjoy the delights of the local flavors.



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Hilda Elisa Delgado Bazán(non-registered)
Hola tío que padre que este conociendo México y paseando por nuestras raices las trajineras, chinampas, etc.
Algo que esta muy padre es que este haciendo publicidad de nuestro hermoso y completo país, que esta lleno de colores, y cultura, espero mucha gente llegue a conocer mi hermoso México, un abrazo fuerte desde Monterrey.
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